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World Champion
4 time no gi world champion
In 2016 I made history becoming the only 2 time absolute no gi world champion. In the gi I have won worlds at every belt level and as a black belt have won the Pan American Championship twice.
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Professor | Teacher
Caio Terra Academy
In 2015 I became the head no gi instructor and advanced instructor at the Caio Terra Association Headquarters in San Jose. I love teaching and spreading Jiu Jitsu with those that share my passion!
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Yuri Simoes Association
Part of the Caio Terra Association
After talking with my professor in 2017 I decided to expand my role within our association and signed my first affiliate under the Caio Terra banner. Helping others succeed is something I look forward to.
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Yuri Costa Simoes Martins da Silva

Jiu Jitsu
is my life

In 2013 I joined the Caio Terra Association and it was one of the best decisions I have at ever made! At CTA we help each other on the mats and more importantly in life. Lead by 11 time world champion, and my professor, Caio Terra, at CTA we believe strongly that through Jiu Jitsu we can change lives. To learn more about CTA please visit our website CAIO TERRA ASSOCIATION. You’ll be glad you did!

As our association grew professor had less and less time to spend with each affiliate. After talking with professor  in 2017 we decided to expand my role within CTA and I started mentoring affiliates. I love nothing more then sharing our Jiu Jitsu so it was my pleasure and honor to start expanding our team. To learn more about affiliating directly with me please use the contact form on this website!

Jiu Jitsu
Business Development
Family Values

Since 2010 I have been teaching and traveling the world sharing Jiu Jitsu! I love Jiu Jitsu and meeting new people. I have taught seminars from Europe to Russian, to Australia and all over the us. In a seminar I can explain more technique and positions in depth as well as spend time with the host. If you are interested in hosting me for a seminar please use the contact page on this website and we can set this up. Most seminars are 3 hours long and they can be one or two days!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Workshops are like seminars but shorter. For workshops I typically fly in, teach the workshop and fly out. The techniques covered in workshops tend to focus on drills and methods that I use in competition.  Book yours today!

In addition to the classes I teach at the Caio Terra Academy, seminars and workshops I am also available for individual and group private lessons. Private lessons give you more personalized training and interaction so you really get the most of our time together!

Keep chasing your dreams until your dreams become your reality
Caio Terra

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``The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.``

Caio Terra Academy

My home in California

Address : 855 Park Ave.

City: San Jose, California 95126

Business Phone: +1 408-396-3223

Email: info@bjjsanjose.com

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